Ugly Sweater Competition

Ugly Sweater Competition

Our team is excited to announce the second annual AZ Natural Selections’ Ugly Christmas Sweater contest from December 16th – 18th! Every patient who comes in, takes a photo with their sweater and allows us to post it on our social media pages qualifies to win a free eighth or quarter!*

There will be a Patient Assistant choice portion of the competition and a voters’ choice portion.

Our Patient Assistants at each location will choose the winner of an eighth.

The other winner will be based on whomever collects the most number of votes (likes) on their picture posted on our Facebook page. That person will win a quarter of their choice! The deadline for votes will be at midnight on December 18th. We encourage you to share the image on Facebook but make sure your friends like the actual photo on our page and not the image you shared. Likes on your shared post will not count towards the contest.

All winners will be posted on December 19th on our website and Facebook.

Visit our Facebook page at:

*Sweaters must be deemed appropriate. No real marijuana should be incorporated.