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Friday, August 10th – Sunday, August 12th

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Darwin’s award-winning triple-distilled, CO2-extracted cannabis oil distillate is the base ingredient for all Darwin products and perfectly provides a clean smooth taste and draw. If you seek the most pure and potent cannabis for a very consistent, clean and clear effect, then this, my friend, is for you. And with each product coming in three Series – tailored for the microdoser to the connoisseur – we indeed have a crafty consumption for everyone.
Award Winning Vapes
Winning #1 Vape at the Errl Cup and #2 Vape at the 710 Cup, these most pure oils with crafty terpene and cannabinoid blends are setting the market on fire.
Seriously Good Gummies
With each piece precisely and homogenously infused rest assured you get the exact dose, every time. Say goodbye to hand-infused or sprayed gummies where THC percentages can vary significantly. And most conveniently, each of the ten gummies in a pack is individually wrapped so you can take them on the go.
Caramel Hard Candy
Given one of this set won best CBD edible in state at the 710 Cup, why not try Darwin’s Caramel Hard Candy and discover for yourself what the rage is all about. Maybe it’s the smooth, creamy, buttery texture. Maybe it’s the potency which ranges from a microdose to a voyage of your very own? Either way, these medibles are meant to be relished. With five pieces in each pack, and each individually wrapped, what are you waiting for?

  • Friday, August 10th
  • Cartridges Buy 2 Vape Get 1 Free All Day!
  • Edibles 20% Off All Day!
    • Mesa Vendor Booth Hours: 9am – 12pm
    • Peoria Vendor Booth Hours: 2pm – 5pm
    • Scottsdale Vendor Booth Hours: 3pm – 6pm

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At Baked Bros™, our mission is to enrich the quality of life of our diverse patients by providing consistently dosed, strain specific, high quality medicine in the cannabis community. We will work to not only be a leader of quality medicine, but a leader in educating the community, advocating for the progressive reform of cannabis, and removing the negative notion of this beautiful alternative medicine.

Pourable THC Syrup
The Original Baked Bros™ Pourable THC Syrup is a highly absorbable THC syrup specifically formulated to introduce an ACCURATE way to dose the medication being consumed. THC Syrups are Fructose FREE, Diabetic Safe, Gluten Free, Vegan-Friendly, Made with ALL Natural Fruit Extracts, and Contains ZERO Artificial Ingredients. Baked Bros Pourable THC Syrup is made from TOP quality concentrate. Pourable THC Syrup is first absorbed in the mucous membranes in the mouth and further broken down in the intestines, leading to a higher content of medication absorbed.

Baked Bros™ Sour Kush Kids were awarded Best Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver 2014. It is one of Baked Bros top choice edibles. Baked Bros™ offers six different varieties of hand infused hash oil gummies in three different strengths: 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg.

  • Friday, August 10th: Buy One Get One Half Off All Day!
    • Mesa Vendor Booth Hours: 4pm – 7pm
    • Peoria Vendor Booth Hours: 9am – 12pm
    • Scottsdale Vendor Booth Hours: 12pm – 3pm

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Happy Kups’ mission is to provide consumers with an innovative cannabis experience through convenient and fast-acting edibles they can trust.

Happy Kup Brownies
Happy Kups homemade brownies are carefully infused through the baking process leaving an even distribution of THC goodness in every bite. Each single serve 80mg Brownie is sold in a heat sealed portable cup ready to be consumed at any moment. These delicious morsels are offered in chocolate and peanut butter flavors as well! Every brownie comes with a promise to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

Happy Kup Drink Powders
Happy Kups accurately dosed single serve powders are easily mixed and portable so that you can take your medicine anywhere. Happy Kups can meet the needs of a wide array of patients with THC potencies of 10mg, 40mg & 80mg. This drinkable form of cannabis delivers accelerated and consistent effects compared to typical edible varieties such as candies and baked goods. The versatile mixes provide an answer for medicating in any situation. Flavors include Fruit Punch, Grape, Cherry, Orange, Lemonade and Ice Tea

  • Saturday, August 11th: Buy 2 Brownies Get 1 Free All Day!
    • Mesa Vendor Booth Hours: 9am – 12pm
    • Peoria Vendor Booth Hours: 6pm – 9pm
    • Scottsdale Vendor Booth Hours: 2pm – 5pm

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Select got our start by identifying and solving a problem that nobody else knew existed. Our founder wanted to bring CBD to the vape world. Two years later that spirit of innovation persists. We are a recognized leader at the verge of the fastest growing, most exciting business in America. Our CBD vape oil goes through the highest levels of testing. Our oil has been tested to higher standards than organic fruits you find at your local grocery store. Available products include CBD Vape Pens and Tinctures.

  • Saturday, August 11th: Buy 2 Tinctures Get A Free CBD Vape Pen All Day!
    • Mesa Vendor Booth Hours: 2pm – 4pm
    • Peoria Vendor Booth Hours: 1pm – 3pm
    • Scottsdale Vendor Booth Hours: 2pm – 4pm

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Timeless Vapes produces solvent-free premium THC oil distillate cartridges. Our product is crafted using nug run
flower and all natural plant-based terpenes. Timeless Vapes cartridges are offered in strain specific varieties and
are easily labeled so you know what to grab for the perfect Energy, Chill or Rest experience. We recommend using
the Timeless Vapes battery for the perfect experience; our batteries are set at the optimal temperature to ensure smooth hits from beginning to end.

  • Saturday, August 11th: Buy 2 Vape Cartridges Get 1 Free All Day!
    • Mesa Vendor Booth Hours: 2pm – 4pm
    • Peoria Vendor Booth Hours: 3pm – 6pm
    • Scottsdale Vendor Booth Hours: 2pm – 4pm

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Edibles for Patients by Patients. Pure Edibles & Concentrates is Arizona’s premier state licensed cannabis infusion company. Pure was founded by medical patients that shared a common goal: making more affordable products accessible to every patient without compromising quality. Available at licensed dispensaries throughout Arizona.

Hand Crafted in Small Batches for a quality, consistent product using only the finest ingredients. What you see is what you get. All our products are tested to ensure the same cannabinoid every time. Our products are delicious plus, they are made with local ingredients and natural colors and flavors whenever possible. Our products are and will always remain affordable. Just like non-profit cannabis should be.

  • Saturday, August 11th: Buy 1 Caramel Get 1 Free All Day!
    • Promotion Only

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Hello! We are CREAM Boutiques. We offer a gourmet, boutique-style cannabis edibles experience dedicated to quality recipes and consistent dosing. Our brand prides itself on delivering a quality experience with every product. We set our priorities in the details: every bit from the packaging to the very last bite is just the way it’s supposed to be.CREAM products are only infused with top quality distillate extracted by Pura Earth; free of residual solvents and leaving the patient with a consistent experience every time.

  • Sunday, August 12th: Buy 2 Ice Cream Get 1 Free All Day!
    • Mesa Vendor Booth Hours: 1pm – 4pm
    • Peoria Vendor Booth Hours: 4pm – 8pm
    • Scottsdale Vendor Booth Hours: 11am – 3pm

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Green Halo Edibles (Aunt Ellie’s, Cannabliss, Canna Confections, Pure & Simple).
All of our edibles are made with our own grown and processed plants, that are made into highly refined concentrate oil. Our team of chefs in Tucson develop and produce tens of thousands of edibles a month. Accurate dosing is our #1 goal. We test every batch of edibles that are made. We add concentrated cannabinoids directly into the edible ingredients to ensure a more consistent and prolonged dose. Products include; Aunt Ellie’s Basic Brownie (75mg), Medical Brownie (150mg), Cannabliss Gummies and Canna Confections

  • Sunday, August 12th: Free Green Halo Product With $50 Purchase – While supplies last!
    • Mesa Vendor Booth Hours: 10am – 1pm
    • Peoria Vendor Booth Hours: Promotion Only
    • Scottsdale Vendor Booth Hours: 3pm – 6pm

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