Live Resin Shatter

AZ Natural Selections - Live Resin Shatter

Live Resin Shatter

Highly potent concentrate that’s perfect for dabbing.

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Live Resin Shatter Details

Two questions that we are asked quite frequently at Arizona Natural Selections: “What is live resin?” and “What is live resin shatter?” Live resin comes in many different viscosities (sugars, butters, jellies, shatters, etc.), with live resin shatter being one of the most solid types. To make live resin, the cannabis plant is flash frozen when it is freshly harvested, with freezing temperature maintained through the entire extraction process. This allows the cannabis to retain its rich terpene profile, creating a flavorful and aromatic concentrate. Live resin shatter is ideal for the customer looking for a premium cannabis option, with dabbing and vaporizing being the most popular forms of ingestion. AZ Natural Selections offers premium-quality live resin shatter at both our Scottsdale and Peoria dispensary locations.

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