Aunt Ellie’s Basic Brownie

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Aunt Ellie’s Basic Brownie

A sweet treat that packs a big punch.

Category: Edible
Type: Baked Goods
CHECK AVAILABILITY: Scottsdale & Peoria

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Aunt Ellie’s Basic Brownie Details

The  Aunt Ellie’s Basic Brownie will conjure up memories of mom’s homemade goodies, fresh from the oven and filled with happiness. Infused with 75mg of medical marijuana concentrate, the brownie is a delicious way to get the medicine you need. The Basic Brownie is a sweet treat that will provide incredible relief from insomnia, mild anxiety, and general aches and pains. Combine the goodness of chocolate with the potent power of medical marijuana for a truly enjoyable edible, one of the favorites among AZ Natural Selections customers.

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