You can use the guide to identify the variety – also referred to as “strain” in horticulture – with the appropriate properties for your condition.

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Are you looking for a medical dispensary in Arizona you can really trust?

Arizona Natural Selections is a leading state-licensed dispensary. Our purpose is to provide patients with the best craft cannabis and the most outstanding customer service in all of Arizona. Our in-house cultivation experts manage the growing process for all the cannabis we sell, from seed through to sale, so we can proudly and confidently provide some of the best craft cannabis in the state.. We offer top-quality Arizona medical marijuana (MMJ) in a breadth of forms, including flower, edibles, oils and various traditional and innovative cannabis concentrates.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are confident helping new and established patients choose the right medical marijuana products. Our focus on excellence also means you get a consistent experience every time you visit. At both our Peoria and Scottsdale locations, you will always find friendly, professional, informative expert Patient Assistants to help you.

At all 3 Arizona Natural Selections locations, you will find the following types of medical marijuana products.


Marijuana flower comes in a wide variety of strains with many different properties and effects. We offer a wide range of popular and unique strains to help with a breadth of medical needs such as chronic pain, gastrointestinal issues, seizures, as well as strains for relaxation and euphoria. Our patients appreciate the famously popular strain Super Lemon Haze for its ability to alleviate fatigue and depression.


Marijuana concentrates are designed to be potent and use lower doses than traditional flower. They come in a range of forms, but the most common is oil, such as our Blueberry Jack Oil. Most concentrates are intended to be vaporized, and some can be directly applied to an area of pain. Concentrates deliver high levels of CBD and THC.


Edibles can be consumed in a variety of ways, from those which absorb directly in your mouth, to those which are swallowed and absorb in your digestive tract. . Edibles are an exciting option because there are many different types and flavors to explore. Some of the popular edibles we offer include gummies, chocolate bars, brownies and hard candies. Newcomers to the edibles scene may wish to start with something like Dixie Synergy or Dixie Elixir, which come in flavors like mint, vanilla and orange.


A pre-roll or joint, is a marijuana cigarette where the flower has been ground, rolled in a paper, and and packaged d for your convenience. It’s much easier than rolling your own and provides a consistent quality. Anyone who is used to smoking any kind of product will be familiar with how pre-rolls work. Common pre-rolls come in full gram and half-gram sizes. Deep Sleep and Obi Wan OG are two of our favorite strain selections.

We are Here to Help You With All Your MMJ Needs

With the huge variety of medical marijuana products available today, it’s not always easy to determine what’s ideal for your condition. When you come to Arizona Natural Selections, we will help you find the products that best serve your needs. Our caring and supportive staff is one of the many reasons why thousands of Arizona medical marijuana patients view us as their dispensary of choice.

Visit us today in Scottsdale, Mesa or Peoria, AZ today! We look forward to meeting you!