What is Weed Resin & Why Not to Use It?

What is Weed Resin & Why Not to Use It?

At Arizona Natural Selections, one of the most common questions we get from customers centers on a product called weed resin. Many patients are unsure what is in weed resin, if smoking weed resin is safe, or even how resin from weed is extracted.

Weed Resin Facts

Weed resin is a byproduct of ash, tar, and carbon. It occurs through the combustion process and is recognizable in the form of a sticky brown or black substance that accumulates on your bong or pipe.

3 Ways that Weed Resin is Used

For people that choose to use weed resin, there are a few different methods. However, you’ll notice that each method has some serious drawbacks – that’s due largely to several of resin’s less than desirable properties:

1. Joint

Because a resin joint is far more compact and slow-burning than a traditional joint, don’t expect good airflow or a steady supply of quality smoke.

2. Vaporizer

Resin requires a very high temperature to burn, much higher than standard THC, so your vaporizer will be under serious demand – you’ll run the risk of putting your pricey device under damaging stress.

3. Pipe

A pipe can slightly decrease the harshness of the resin smoke, but you still won’t be experiencing the smooth, relaxing clouds that you would with quality flower.

Myths about Weed Resin

Resin is 100 percent safe. Many cannabis experts agree that weed resin is a less than optimal way to consume cannabis. For patients wondering, “Is weed resin bad to smoke?”, the answer is complicated. It’s nearly impossible to determine the contents of a given “batch” of weed resin, but it does contain tar – which is firmly categorized as bad for you.

Resin is just as good as bud. Resin contains minimal amounts of THC, so comparing the effects to quality flower is pointless. The taste, smell and effect pale in comparison to fresh, high-quality cannabis.

Resin is an overall enjoyable consumption method. Though this one can be considered somewhat subjective, popular opinion pretty much agrees – weed resin tastes terrible and produces a harsh, chemical-like odor, making the experience pretty unpleasant.

Skip the Resin

Resin is most often used by cannabis patients to save money – but when you shop fairly-priced products and money-saving specials like the ones at AZ Natural Selections, you can skip the resin and enjoy affordable flower instead. We’re here to provide you with the cannabis information you need to make the right decision, and our experienced budtenders are more than happy to match you up with a budget-friendly, satisfying product that you can use safely.