What is the Difference Between Shatter and Wax?

What is the Difference Between Shatter and Wax?

Shatter and wax are growing in popularity as a means of consuming medical marijuana. Both variants are highly concentrated THC composites allowing for a faster, more effective high to help deal with stress and pain in medical marijuana users. Let’s discuss some of the key differences in the cannabis concentrates to help settle the wax vs. shatter debate.

First, let’s focus on the similarities. Wax and shatter are both called BHOs, or butane hash oils, as they are made in a process where butane is used to extract the essential cannabinoids and terpenes and is removed to leave you with a highly concentrated product.

While the commonly smoked flower of medical marijuana may contain a THC concentration up to 22 percent, these different types of concentrates are commonly at 80 percent or higher, hence why vaporizing concentrate, also known as dabbing, has grown in popularity.

So how do shatter and wax differ? While they are prepared in the same manner and have roughly the same potency, there are a few things that make marijuana shatter and wax unique from each other.

Unique Characteristics of Shatter

Shatter gets its name because it’s essentially glass on a molecular level, so it shatters. It is transparent, brittle and is similar to a hard candy. Shatter, by nature of its molecular makeup, tends to be more stable and has a longer shelf life than its BHO counterpart, but it can be a little harder to handle because of how brittle it is.

As far as its use goes, it can hit your lungs a bit harder than wax. And because it is fragile, it requires more care than wax does.

Unique Characteristics of Wax

Marijuana wax has very similar physical features to ear wax, hence the name. Wax is easier to make than shatter, and is also made at a lower temperature.

It is the higher heat that allows shatter to take on its glass-like appearance and molecular structure. In wax, the molecules are a bit more jumbled and messy, which is why it’s generally a more opaque substance.

As a result of the molecules not being as finely packed, wax is easier to handle.

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