What is the Best Marijuana Strain for Creativity?

What is the Best Marijuana Strain for Creativity?

Cannabis has long been known as a key to unlocking creative doors within the human brain. With the dawn of the medical marijuana revolution, there are hundreds of cannabis strains being bred and more being created daily. Our medical marijuana dispensaries carry a wide variety of strains, and all of these options can be overwhelming to some patients. We’re often asked at our Phoenix dispensaries “What is the best marijuana strain for creativity?

Our 3 Favorite Cannabis Strains for Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

The following is a list of our favorite cannabis strains that promote creative expression.

1. Blueberry Jack

Blueberry Jack is a hybrid cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Jack Herer – a legendary marijuana strain amongst writers and other creative thinkers. The result is a very flavorful strain with robust, energetic and happy effects. Blueberry Jack will offer users a quick escape from bad moods and stress, and will open the mind to endless possibilities.

Not surprisingly, inhaling this strain introduces a strong taste of sweet blueberries. The flavor of the exhale, however, is an experience of earthy pine.

2. Sour Sunset

Sour Sunset is a relatively new hybrid created by breeding Sour Diesel (a notoriously creative strain enjoyed by visual artists and filmmakers) and Sunset Sherbet. They combine to form buds with extremely high potency and complex flavors that please even the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs. The effects are described as a relaxed euphoria that breeds happy and creative thoughts with little to no anxiety.

Our Sour Sunset oil cartridge is loaded with terpenes, producing complex flavors that dance across the tongue. From tropical fruit to earthy citrus to skunky pine with mild diesel notes, the smoke is smooth, flavorful and satisfying. This is a marijuana strain with many medicinal applications including helping to alleviate depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and headaches.

3. Nuclear Cookies

Nuclear Cookies is a new 50/50 hybrid created exclusively by Arizona Natural Selections. It is the offspring of Chernobyl and Girl Scout Cookies, and provides a sweet, citrusy fragrance and a rich, earthy taste. The strain’s pungent terpene profile envelops the consumer in a pleasant aroma that lingers after consumption. When consuming Nuclear Cookies you will feel uplifted, relaxed and euphoric, making it a perfect strain to enjoy all throughout the day. If you suffer from stress, pain, and nausea, Nuclear Cookies may provide you just the relief you desire.

Where to Buy These Strains & More in Phoenix

Our medical marijuana dispensaries carry these high- quality, creative strains either in flower or concentrate form. Be sure to contact us with any questions or comments or simply stop in to our Phoenix dispensary closest to you – Peoria, Mesa, and Scottsdale.