What is Marijuana Wax?

What is Marijuana Wax?

One of the most popular forms of concentrated THC is marijuana wax. Due to its popularity and how often it is mentioned, new medical marijuana patients often ask us, “What is marijuana wax and why is it so popular?

Also known as butane hash oil, BHO, earwax or wax, this type of marijuana gets its name due to its wax-like appearance and the process it undergoes. It has many unique characteristics and benefits, several of which are outlined below.

How Is Marijuana Wax Made?

Not just anyone should attempt to make wax; it requires special knowledge and equipment to ensure it is done safely and effectively. Knowing this, it is always best to get wax from a marijuana dispensary in Phoenix rather than to attempt to make it yourself.

The wax manufacturing process begins by packing marijuana buds into a tube. Next, the tube is blasted with butane in order to extract the THC. Once the hash oil is extracted, any excess butane is evaporated for the safety of the user. Finally, the remaining oils are heated until they turn into the highly-concentrated, gooey product that is known as wax.

What Are the Effects of Wax?

Even after marijuana flower is extracted into wax, it affects patients in the same way that the original marijuana flower does. However, because there is a higher concentration of THC in the wax form, the effects are much more intense and kick in faster. As such, only a little is needed in order to achieve the same high and benefits.

Why Is It Popular?

Wax is one of the most popular forms of marijuana among patients because it helps them achieve their desired high faster. Additionally, compared to many other forms of marijuana, wax can provide patients with a stronger high. This is especially useful for patients who have a higher tolerance to marijuana and need the higher concentration to receive the benefits of THC, plus myriad other cannabinoids and terpenes which all contribute to the entourage effect (can we do a link to the ‘entourage effect’?)

How Do You Smoke Wax?

To consume cannabis wax, patients vaporize a small “dab” of the wax with a water pipe or vaporizer. This process allows them to break down the wax and turn it into smoke than can be inhaled. Usually one dab is enough to begin experiencing the effects of MMJ wax, but patients with a higher tolerance may want or need more.

How Does the Cost Compare with Other Cannabis Products?

Due to its high THC concentration, MMJ wax costs more than most other cannabis products. While you can generally get a gram of the flower for between $15 and $20, you might spend more like $40 to $60 on wax. However, remember that because THC extractions are more potent than flower, you will need less of it in order to experience its effects. Thus, $60 of wax should last much longer than $20 of flower.

Is MMJ Wax Safe?

Wax does have its risks. If patients smoke too much, its high THC concentration can lead to mild hallucinations and other effects that might lead to negative side effects in some people. Additionally, if it is not processed correctly, traces of butane might remain and harm the patient’s health. Again, this is why it’s best to purchase it from a trusted supplier, such as one of the leading medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona.

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