The 5 Most Popular Cannabis Strains at Arizona Natural Selections

The 5 Most Popular Cannabis Strains at Arizona Natural Selections

Arizona Natural Selections has worked hard to provide customers with the best marijuana strains around. All of our plants are carefully cultivated, and we diligently strive to produce the highest-quality finished products possible. As a result, our cannabis strains have become incredibly popular among Arizona cardholders.

Our Most Popular Marijuana Strains

Many of these popular strains have become some of our best-selling cannabis products, including the following five.

  1. Hell’s Fire
  2. This is an indica-heavy hybrid that carries a very high THC content – upward of 20 percent or more. Consequently, it relieves pain well and provides a powerful head buzz. Hell’s Fire is also a great strain for relieving stress and anxiety, while also boosting the user’s mood all around. When patients observe the strain in person, they typically notice the nice diesel odor that carries a hint of pine.

  3. Urkle Train Haze
  4. If you’ve been searching for a truly balanced hybrid, Urkle Train Haze is one of the best cannabis strains on the market to consider. This Arizona Natural Selections original creation is near equal parts sativa and indica, producing an enjoyable high while also boosting your appetite. It also has a high THC content and features a light, berry scent.

  5. GSC
  6. Another popular 50/50 hybrid, GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) has become one of the top medical marijuana strains due to its sweet and earthy taste combined with the long-lasting effects of the high. At 20+ percent THC, patients report that this strain is the ultimate solution when they need help relaxing and fighting depression. It can also relieve pain and nausea, making it a popular option among cancer patients.

  7. Super Lemon Haze
  8. This unique sativa hybrid produces a head high and instantly elevates your mood. It’s a popular choice mainly because it helps patients achieve a more creative, free-floating state of mind. As a result, it is best for patients who need to treat stress, depression and/or anxiety. However, Super Lemon Haze is also a great option for those who need relief from headaches and pain.

  9. Blueberry Jack
  10. Blueberry Jack is a mid-range THC strain with roughly 16 percent to 20 percent THC content. This is a wonderful strain for patients who would like something that offers a relieving high while also boosting their mood. The strain also provides users with a lively buzz that allows them to stay motivated and feel energized. Moreover, Blueberry Jack is known as one of the best strains for the daytime.

Try One of These Products for Yourself Today!

If you want to learn more about any of our powerful and effective strains, we invite you to stop by our dispensary in Scottsdale, Mesa, or Peoria and speak to one of our patient assistants. We are always happy to answer any questions. We also offer a unique preorder platform that allows you to reserve and purchase MMJ strains online. Take a look now and see that we have these popular strains in store by placing your order before you come in, you can ensure that our most popular strains will be available and ready just for you.