Medical Marijuana for Cancer: How Cannabis Can Help

Medical Marijuana for Cancer: How Cannabis Can Help

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, about 3,500 medical marijuana patients have cancer. The use of medical marijuana is popular among cancer patients in Arizona primarily because it provides relief from various cancer symptoms. However, it also offers many other benefits beyond this.

Medical Marijuana for Cancer Treatment & Symptoms

According to the National Cancer Institute, medical marijuana may inhibit the growth of certain tumors in cancer patients. For this exact reason, many doctors recommend that their cancer patients use cannabis.

Moreover, dozens of studies have shown that medical marijuana can relieve chronic pain caused by cancer, including neuropathic pain that can be difficult to treat.

Finally, cancer treatments are often paired with chemotherapy. Although it is very effective, chemotherapy has undesirable side effects for patients. Used correctly, medical marijuana reduces many of these symptoms – including nausea and trouble eating.

Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Opioids

Many cancer patients also seek cannabis as an alternative to opioid medications, which can be habit-forming. It’s a well-known fact, for a long time, that cannabis is known to not be addictive. In fact, nearly two million Americans abused or were dependent on prescription opioids in 2014. By using medical marijuana instead of opioids to treat cancer symptoms, patients can avoid the risks and dangers of opioid addiction.

Why Medical Marijuana Works

Cannabis contains natural substances called cannabinoids. The human brain has a number of cannabinoid receptors that are specialized to interact with these substances. The stimulus that is produced by cannabinoids has a tendency to relieve pain. It is also believed that, over a sufficient period of time, controlled exposure to cannabinoids may increase the number of receptors. As a result, marijuana’s ability to relieve pain increases.

Cancer Diagnosis? Consider Getting an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card

Whether you are considering medical marijuana for breast cancer, prostate cancer, or another type of cancer, you can rest assured that cannabis can benefit you. If you don’t have a medical card yet, learn more about the process and get started today. Once you become a MMJ patient, you can visit qualifying Arizona dispensaries, like our Scottsdale, Peoria, or Mesa location to access to best medical marijuana products for your specific diagnosis.

Where to Buy MMJ in Phoenix

If you’ve received your MMJ card and have questions about cannabis for cancer, Arizona Natural Selections will be glad to answer them. Contact us to learn more.