How to Roll a Joint (For Beginners)

How to Roll a Joint (For Beginners)

At Arizona Natural Selections, we want to ensure you are able to consume the medical marijuana you purchase in a way that is comfortable and easy. If you are unsure of how to smoke your medical marijuana, we encourage you to learn more about the different methods available.

One of most popular ways to smoke medical marijuana is by inhaling it through a rolled joint. Many marijuana patients choose this method because it requires few resources.

Some additional benefits of smoking joints include:

  • Affordability. Rolling papers only cost a couple of dollars, regardless of brand or type, and usually hold at least 30 papers.
  • When properly rolled, joints can last a long time.
  • A lighter or match is only used once to light a joint, while other smoking devices require the use of a lighter or match several times.
  • You can have joints rolled ahead of time, available for your convenience.
  • Joints are small and easy to carry around.

How to Roll a Joint: Step-by-Step

If you choose to use joints, you will first need to roll your medical marijuana flower into a joint. Fortunately, the process of rolling a joint is rather simple and easy to master. By following and practicing the basic steps below, you can learn how to roll the perfect joint.

To complete our step-by-step guide, you will need medical marijuana flower of your choice and joint rolling papers with adhesive glue strips. Once you have these necessary items, follow the steps below.

  1. Clean and break up your flower
  2. Use a grinder if possible, which will break up your medical marijuana more evenly while collecting the keef (THC powder/crystals found on the medical marijuana buds). If you don’t own a grinder, simply break it up by hand.

  3. Create a crease
  4. Fold your rolling paper in half, with the glue strip inward, to create a crease.

  5. Add the marijuana flower
  6. Holding the folded paper in one hand, glue strip facing you, put the medical marijuana in the crease. Put in as much as you like, but don’t overfill. Leave enough open paper for when you are ready to begin rolling. Pat down the flower with your finger to make sure it is spread out evenly.

  7. Start rolling
  8. Continuing to hold the glue facing you, press the two sides together using both hands with the edge of the side closest to you slightly below the glue strip. Then begin “rolling” the paper back and forth using your thumbs. This will force the flower into a smooth and compact cylinder or cone shape.

  9. Tuck and roll
  10. Once the flower is compressed, carefully tuck the paper nearest you inward and gently roll upwards with your thumbs (downwards with your pointer fingers), pinching the paper to keep everything in line. Once you have only the glue part facing you, gently lick the glue strip. Roll or press it down and hold to seal it shut.

  11. Light your joint up
  12. Using your fingers, you can smooth it out a bit if necessary. Make sure to be gentle to prevent ripping the paper while it is still moist.

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    These instructions are for basic rolling papers with no additional tools. If you would like to know more about the various tools or types of papers available for rolling joints, feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff at our medical marijuana dispensary in Scottsdale, Mesa, or Peoria. We look forward to helping you with all of your medical marijuana needs!