Karma Money Marathon!

Karma Money Marathon!

Arizona Natural Selections is excited to announce our new Karma Jar Fund Drive surrounding the upcoming Games! Karma Jar donations made from the day of Opening Ceremonies on August 5th to the Closing Ceremonies on August 21st benefits Playworks of Arizona in hopes to excel physical and mental education of our youth! If more than $2,000 are raised over that time, Arizona Natural Selections will then donate $25 per gold medal won by the United States.*

IF THE U.S WINS 50 GOLD MEDALS IT WOULD RESULT IN A $1,250 DONATION BY ARIZONA NATURAL SELECTIONS! We will post updates of money raised and medals won every time there is a new special. 

For more information about Playworks of Arizona follow this link:

Playworks of Arizona Website

*Maximum Donation of $2,000