Gorilla Glue Co. Pursuing Legal Action Over Its Name

Gorilla Glue Co. Pursuing Legal Action Over Its Name

The popular cannabis strain Gorilla Glue #4 will make appearance in court due to the similarities it bares with the popular adhesive company Gorilla Glue Co. The Ohio-based company has filed a lawsuit trademark infringement against GG Strains.

The company is calling for the maker of the cannabis strain to stop marketing under the name of their well established brand. Gorilla Glue Co. is asking for GG Strains, a Nevada Based cannabis producer, for “any and all profits arising from or related to the sale of Gorilla Glue #4.

The owners of Gorilla Glue Co. have apparently agreed to settle this matter outside of court but GG strains is still concerned that settling out of court puts the entire cannabis industry at the same risk for similar legal action.

Founder of GG Strains, Ross Johnson, told the Cannabist, “If we settle with these guys outside of court, they’re going to go after everybody.”

This is not first time a cannabis strain has been pursued for violating intellectual property rights. The Girl Scouts of America began sending cease-and-desist letters to dispensaries across America over the sale of the widely loved strain. Dispensaries in this case only needed to stop selling the product under the name “Girl Scout Cookies”. When requested Arizona Natural Selections and many others got around this by changing the strain name to GSC.

No legal precedent has been set out for scenarios such as these. The outcome of this lawsuit will set a standard for some extensive strain names as well as growers looking to name new strains.