Expert Cultivation Ensures High-Quality Cannabis

Medical Marijuana Cultivation in Phoenix-Metro

At Arizona Natural Selections dispensaries in Scottsdale, Mesa and Peoria, we employ the latest and most advanced growing techniques, applying our expert cultivation team’s extensive knowledge and expertise in organic pest management, nutrient delivery, atmospheric and environmental control, and strain selection.

Our cannabis cultivation methods, guided by research from the latest peer-reviewed scientific journals and our team’s extensive cultivation experience, simulate the cannabis plants’ natural growing conditions without the stressors that exist in a “wild” environment. Like an Olympic training facility for a world-class athlete, our cultivation environment encourages our plants to achieve their full genetic potential.

In order to respect the delicate nature of a mature cannabis plant, all plants are harvested by hand by trained personnel. Our proprietary drying and curing process includes daily observation and analysis. All of our cannabis is tested by third-party testing facilities to accurately measure THC, CBD and CBN content as well as to ensure that the Cannabis is free of pesticides, molds, and fungus.

The result of this professional and painstaking cultivation process is consistent, high-quality medical cannabis that is both potent and effective as well as pleasurable to consume. Cannabis consistency is important because it ensures that once you find the cannabis properties that work best for you, you can enjoy the peace of mind that Arizona Natural Selections can always deliver. In order to meet this commitment, we strive to offer a variety of premium indica, sativa, hybrid and high CBD strains on a daily basis.

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A Dedicated Team of Horticultural Experts

In order to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality and safest cannabis available, Arizona Natural Selections has assembled a dedicated cultivation team and allotment checker that includes noted professionals in the science and art of cannabis cultivation.  We invite you to discover how our extensive research, development and testing has resulted in an extensive selection of medical cannabis that you will find superior in quality, freshness and effectiveness.

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