Governor Doug Ducey Makes False Accusations

Governor Doug Ducey Makes False Accusations

As the day of reckoning for Proposition 205 approaches, an increase in anti-legalization political propaganda comes with it. In a recent press conference, Governor Doug Ducey, provoked opponents to check the authenticity of whether or not alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, stating, “I would check your facts when you say something is not addictive, that something’s safer than alcohol”. His statement was so farcical that the Washington Post took it upon themselves to answer with an article citing just how far off that statement is.

Here is a list of why Governor Ducey’s statement is false based on conducted research:

  1. Marijuana users are less likely to become dependent compared to alcohol consumers.
  2. Marijuana is considerably less toxic to the human body than alcohol and has no attainable fatal dosage level.
  3. Federal crash data shows the odds of getting into a car accident are dramatically higher after drinking alcohol compared to consuming marijuana. (Though we do not condone driving under the influence of either)
  4. Alcohol has a much closer link to violent behavior than marijuana.

To Governor Doug Ducey we say please stop spreading misinformation based on your biased views and political agenda against legalization. 

To read the full Washington Post article follow this link:
Arizona’s governor asked voters to fact-check whether pot is safer than alcohol. So we did