12 Days Of Cannamas

12 Days Of Cannamas

Everyday Low Prices in Addition to Our Weekly Specials

  • $33 Strain Specific Oil Cartridges – Excludes live resin and distillate. No Limit
  • $35 1g Wax – Excludes live resin and rosin. No Limit

“The BEST dispensary for concentrates. In love with their selection of wax shatter crumble etc. It’s like in Willy Wonka when the kids to into the room made of candy… You just don’t know what to go for first.” – Nugs_Bunny

Spend $120+ & Receive an Arizona Natural Selections’ Holiday Gift Package!

  • 1 Tube
  • AZNS 1 Hitter
  • Lighter
  • Happy Kup
  • Bud Botton Battery
  • $10 Off Coupon
  • Total Value of $37.00 – $41.00

Our Gift to All of the Patients Who Visit Us From the 13th to the 24th

  • January 2018 stamp card
  • Gift card for New Year’s