Vital V Lemon Drops

Vital V Lemon Drops Medical Marijuana for Sale in Phoenix

Vital V Lemon Drops

If you love lemon drops, you’ll love this treat!

Category: Edible
Type: Candy
CHECK AVAILABILITY: Mesa | Peoria | Scottsdale

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Vital V Lemon Drops Details

Vital V is back, this time with a tangy citrus candy that reminds people of those classic candy shops in early America. The Vital V Lemon Drops combine the old-fashioned confectionery favorite with a potent dose of incredibly high-quality medical marijuana. It is sure to be a favorite among patients who enjoy edibles. The 100mg THC package provides a fast-acting experience with each 10mg drop, excellent for those who want to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, or chronic aches and pains.

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