Urkle Train Haze

Urkle Train Haze Medical Marijuana for Sale in Phoenix

Urkle Train Haze

Rich flavor combining berry and citrus for a euphoric high.

TYPE: Hybrid
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Urkle Train Haze details

An Arizona Natural Selections original creation, Urkle Train Haze is a unique combination of Purple Urkle and Ghost Train Haze. Though its parent strains are often categorized as complete opposites, Urkle Train Haze captures the best of both worlds. Its rich flavor is a combination of berry and citrus with a distinct hint of red wine on the exhale. It is an appetite stimulant, bringing about a powerful hunger to accompany the wonderful mental euphoria. The Urkle Train Haze strain ignites feelings of creativity, inspiration and purpose as well. It is commonly used to treat eye pressure, headaches and stress.

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