Soul Safari

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Soul Safari

Don’t worry, be happy and creative and positive.

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Soul Safari Details

Soul Safari is an interesting combination of a few different players on the cannabis scene, including Malawi NL5 Haze and Face Off OG BX1. Each of the parent strains of Soul Safari bring their unique gifts to the table, resulting in a final product that’s satisfying the needs of a wide variety of Arizona Natural Selections customers. The potent high centers largely in mind, washing over you with a cerebral sense of creativity, happiness, and positivity. You can also expect significant muscle relaxation, which has made Soul Safari a popular option for those struggling with physical pain.

The Soul Safari cannabis strain is a hybrid cross of Malawi NL5 Haze and Face Off BX1, with concentrations of 90 percent Indica and 10 percent Sativa strains. It embodies a pungent, skunk scent with spicy lemon, herb and pine flavors, and a diesel aftertaste. It contains THC levels ranging from 18 to 25 percent. Soul Safari produces various effects, such as body relaxation, focus, appetite enhancement and sleepiness. Some patients may observe that using this strain provides relief from chronic pain, stress, fatigue, depression, migraines, insomnia, muscle spasms, hypertension, neuropathy and PTSD. Due to its strong relaxing effects, the Soul Safari is better suited as a night-time strain.

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