Silver Mountain

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Silver Mountain

Sativa-dominant bud with a spicy, fruity flavor.

TYPE: Hybrid
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Silver Mountain Details

Silver Mountain is among the many well-loved Sativa-dominant strains on the AZ Natural Selections menu, tracing its genetics to Appalachia and Super Silver Haze (SSH). This strain has an interesting exotic flair, originating from far-flung countries including Colombia, Thailand, and India. Silver Mountain has a multi-dimensional flavor that features spicy, fruity, earthy, and piney notes that is widely appealing. Its effects are also very versatile, which makes it an option that can work with a variety of patients with multi-faceted needs. Silver Mountain produces a gentle euphoria and calmness, and many patients report a powerful sense of creativity. Pain relief and increased appetite are additional effects, making this a good choice for patients looking for relief from symptoms of chronic pain, cancer treatment, and inflammation.

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