Platinum Purple Kush

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Platinum Purple Kush

Great for combating sleepless nights.

TYPE: Indica
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Platinum Purple Kush Details

This hybrid blend of Purple Kush and Platinum Kush is also known as PPK and is set apart by its unique purple coloring. Providing incredibly deep, full-body relaxation, Platinum Purple Kush is an excellent choice to combat insomnia and is generally recommended for nighttime use. Mental focus remains at high-functioning levels, earning it a classification as a “functional indica,” while an enjoyable euphoria contributes to the overall experience. The purple color of this strain matches its unique berry flavor, often described as a strong grape taste with subtle earthy undertones.

Platinum Purple Kush is unique in that it’s an indica-dominant strain but produces powerful effects that are similar to what you would expect from a sativa. Because of these sativa-like effects, it is a great daytime strain to keep you calm during a stressful day. Deep muscle relaxation eliminates every last stress and discomfort, accompanied by a pleasant euphoria that is gentle enough to allow you to kick back and relax. True to its Purple Kush heritage, Platinum Purple Kush has a strong grape aroma with hints of muskiness and deep purple hues.

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