Nuclear Cookies

Nuclear Cookies Medical Marijuana for Sale in Phoenix

Nuclear Cookies

Relaxing and uplifting to empower your mental stigma.

TYPE: Hybrid
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Nuclear Cookies details

Nuclear Cookies is an original creation by Arizona Natural Selections, a 50/50 hybrid created by blending GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and Chernobyl. The distinct aroma lasts long after ingestion with powerful notes of sweet citrus accompanied by an earthy flavor. The effect is both relaxing and uplifting as you experience an incredible, full-body relaxation that empowers your worries to melt away. Nuclear Cookies is one of the best strains for relief from nausea, physical pain, and stress.

Nuclear Cookies is an AZ Natural Selections original, one that we’re proud to say has received impressively high ratings from our customers. It’s a 50/50 hybrid that captures the best of its parent strains, GSC, and Chernobyl. Right off the bat, you’ll notice the sweet, citrusy fragrance, an aroma that lasts long after consumption. Nuclear Cookies has a rich flavor with distinct earthy notes and a powerful terpene profile that sets it apart from many other strains. It combines full-body relaxation with positive, uplifting elements, resulting in a gentle euphoria that allows you to still get things done. Pain, stress, and nausea are all well-treated with Nuclear Cookies.

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