MendoDawg Breath

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MendoDawg Breath OG

Powerful combination with a hint of sweet vanilla and caramel.

TYPE: Indica
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MendoDawg Breath Details

MendoDawg Breath is a Gage Green Group creation, perhaps best known for its distinct terpene profile. You’ll notice that it starts with a powerfully sweet note that’s accented by fruity elements, then transitioning into diesel, dank flavor that’s often associated with OG Kush. The MendoDawg Breath strain was created by blending the Mendo Breath and Mendodawg. This combination has created an incredibly balanced hybrid, one that many AZ Natural Selections rush to pre-order before it inevitably sells out. MendoDawg Breath is so popular because it’s a versatile strain that’s applicable for both mental and physical conditions, including anxiety, ADD, migraines, chronic pain, and stress.

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