Lamb’s Bread

Lamb's Bread Medical Marijuana for Sale in Phoenix

Lamb’s Bread

Euphoric plus stimulates creative energies and self-reflection.

TYPE: Sativa
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Lamb’s Bread details

Also known by its nickname, “Lamb’s Breath,” Lamb’s Bread traces its roots to Jamaica. As a nearly entirely sativa strain, Lamb’s Bread provides effects that are mainly cerebral and less body-focused. The boost in focus and energy will transport you to an incredible level of euphoria, motivating creative energies and self reflection. Many people believe that Lamb’s Bread was one of Bob Marley’s choice strains, giving it an interesting history. The flavor is a blend of pine and spice, strong but pleasant. The stress-relieving properties of Lamb’s Bread make it an ideal option for combating anxiety, PTSD and even general inflammation.

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