Infusion Sodas

Infusion Sodas Medical Marijuana for Sale in Phoenix

Infusion Sodas

Sit back, relax, and crack open your new favorite soda.

Category: Edible
Type: Beverage
STRENGTH: 10mg – 80mg THC
CHECK AVAILABILITY: Mesa | Peoria | Scottsdale

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Infusion Sodas Details

Infusion Edibles is a company known for their high-quality, creative take on the world of edibles, and their Infusion Sodas are no exception. These fizzy drinks come in three delicious flavors: Marijuana Dew, Orange Kush and Root Beer – all of which are excellent over ice. Offering a perfect dose of medical marijuana, the sodas provide a fast-acting but balanced experience that is ideal for anyone who needs help relaxing. After you consume your glass of Infusion Soda, you will enjoy a pleasant, clear-headed high that simply can’t be beat.

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