Infusion Bakery Peach Rings

Infusion Bakery Peach Rings Medical Marijuana for Sale in Phoenix

Infusion Bakery Peach Rings

Chewy, delicious, potent gummy rings.

Category: Edible
Type: Candy
CHECK AVAILABILITY: Mesa | Peoria | Scottsdale

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Infusion Bakery Peach Rings Details

Peach rings are a favorite among gummy lovers, and Infusion Bakery has combined the classic sweet treat with a potent dose of medical marijuana to create one of their most-enjoyed edibles. The sweet, fruity flavor will make your taste buds dance, and you will soon experience the delightfully relaxing effects of the infused cannabis. AZ Natural Selections chose to sell this candy due to its high-quality ingredients, delicious experience, and excellent ability to relieve a variety of bothersome symptoms

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