In the Pines

In the Pines Medical Marijuana for Sale in Phoenix

In the Pines

Relieve stress and anxiety plus boost your productivity.

TYPE: Sativa
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In the Pines details

Originating in East Asia, In the Pines is a strain that was born from the combination of three varieties: Pineapple, Master Kush, and Pineapple Thai. One of its most well known features is its unique flavor, with a fruity taste that hints at its tropical origins. The bright flavor contributes to the invigorating effects of In the Pines, combined with its immediate fruity aroma and hints of juniper following closely behind. The mind effects of this strain include a boost of creativity and euphoria, while also supporting focus so you are able to be productive and clear-headed. It provides excellent relief for stress, anxiety and even PTSD. One specific phenotype of In the Pines also contains a unique 1:1 CBD to THC cannabinoid ratio. Make sure to ask your patient assistant to distinguish which one they carry before purchasing.

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