Darwin Custom Oil Cartridges

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Darwin Custom Oil Cartridges

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Darwin Custom Oil Cartridges Details

Darwin Custom Oil Cartridges are unique to Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale, providing patients with the ability to create a final product that is truly custom-designed. Using the Darwin Custom Oil Station, you can create a custom-designed oil cartridge for your vape pen. First, you choose from indica, sativa or hybrid oil to use as the base. From there, you can add a variety of terpenes, flavors and CBD to create a personalized mix. This allows you to choose your favorite formula, and design a final product that perfectly fits your needs.

Darwin oil cartridges use ceramic coil technology to facilitate a flexible airflow for tailoring a perfect draw, whether long or short. The proper hardware is combined with the Darwin solvent-free, triple-distilled, CO-extracted cannabis oil to produce a clean and smooth effect. The oil variations offer premium flavors and proprietary blends of terpene, some of which are supplemented with cannabinoids for the entourage effect. Cloud Nine, Pure Distillate, Engage + THCV, Chillax + CBN and 1:1 CBD:THC are a few of the offerings for a range of effects. The three Darwin series contain varying amounts of THC and CBD, suited for different requirements and experience of patients.