Darwin Caramel Hard Candies

Darwin Caramel Hard Candies

Darwin Caramel Hard Candies

Tastes so good you’ll hardly believe it’s medicine.

Category: Edible
Type: Candy
CHECK AVAILABILITY: Scottsdale & Peoria

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Darwin Caramel Hard Candies Details

Darwin Caramel Hard Candies are made from scratch and infused with Darwin’s cannabis oil that is triple-distilled and CO2-extracted. Real cream, sweet butter, and honey are used as core ingredients for appropriate solubility and low sugar quantities to create a chewy caramel. These candies are individually wrapped and offered in packs of five or single packs. Darwin’s precise production ensures a consistent THC percentage in every dosage. Patients with different needs and experience levels can choose from the Darwin Origin Series with 20mg and 25 mg CBD, the Darwin Evolution Series with 10mg THC or the Darwin Voyager Series with 50mg THC.

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