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Cuvvee Jack

Berry, citrusy flavor great for stress relief.

TYPE: Hybrid
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Cuvvee Details

Cuvvee is one of the rarest strains on the market, crafted with a careful blend of a clone-only Pinot Noir and Space Queen. It’s most commonly used in concentrates, while its nug form is much more difficult to find. At 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa, it’s distinctly indica dominant. The powerful aroma of berries and citrus is accompanied by the sweet flavor of chocolate and fruit, creating a dessert-like experience with every inhale. The effects begin with a bright cerebral high, quickly fading into a relaxed, thoughtful high often accented with joyful fits of laughter. Cuvvee is a popular treatment option for inflammation, stress, and chronic pain. We recommend pre-ordering it due to its extreme rarity.

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