Blueberry Jack

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Blueberry Jack

Euphoric and sweet tasting bud great for anxiety.

TYPE: Hybrid
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Blueberry Jack Details

If you’re looking for an evenly-balanced hybrid, you’ll appreciate the 50/50 indica/sativa blend of Blueberry Jack. Its nicknames include “BBJ” and “Blue Jack,” and it originates from the combination of Blueberry and Jack Herer. Fans of its parent strains will find that Blueberry Jack combines the best of both worlds, and its popularity has earned it a top spot on the AZ Natural Selections menu. Its effects are gently euphoric, sharpening your focus while placing you in a state of calm bliss. Creativity, inspiration, and motivation are all popular effects of Blueberry Jack, which has been carefully balanced to avoid creating any sense of anxiety. For this reason, it’s a good option for patients with anxiety, chronic stress or mental health issues.

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