Atomic Urkle

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Atomic Urkle

If it has “atomic” in the name, it’ll get ‘er done.

TYPE: Hybrid
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Atomic Urkle Details

Atomic Urkle is a fairly potent Arizona Natural Selections’ in-house cross of the Chernobyl and Purple Urkle strains, combining the best of both to produce a host of enjoyable effects. Its parent strains create a balanced combination of relaxation and focus, along with a gentle sense of euphoria with a note of pleasant sleepiness. Many Arizona Natural Selections patients appreciate Atomic Urkle for its rich flavor and aroma, attracted by a mix of skunky and forest-like scents. If you’re considering adding Atomic Urkle to your cannabis selection, we welcome you to contact AZ Natural Selections to learn more about this unique strain.

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