About Our MMJ Edible Candy Products

We stock the highest-quality edible candies on the market and have a wide selection of candy types and brands to select from. Give us a call or stop by our location that’s closest to you to speak with a qualified budtender about your MMJ needs.

As the medical marijuana industry expands, cannabis-based products can now be found in an exciting range of options, offering excellent versatility for patients. Candy edibles are becoming an increasingly popular option for patients looking for convenience, offering a discreet and simple method to achieve your target cannabis intake.

Here’s everything you want to know about our candy edibles.

What are Candy Edibles?

Candy edibles are cannabis-infused products that look and taste just like many popular candies on the market, with the only major difference being the added ingredient of medical grade marijuana. You can find candy edibles in many different forms, as well as a range of dosage options.

How are Candy Edibles Made?

To make cannabis-infused candies, manufacturers typically utilized a powdered form of marijuana. The dry marijuana is combined with other ingredients, such as corn syrup, sugar, water, and food coloring. Specific ratios of ingredients will depend on the type of candy being made – for example, whether it’s a chewy candy or a hard candy – as well as the size and potency of the edible.

What are the Benefits of Candy Edibles?

For patients that have found cannabis to be a successful treatment option, candy edibles offer the same health benefits in a different, often more convenient, form. There are many patients that dislike smoking their cannabis or can’t smoke for health reasons, so edibles are a perfect way to medicate. Candy edibles offer a smoke-free, easy way to enjoy all the same benefits. Additionally, many patients feel that the direct ingestion can provide better symptom relief.

What are the Different Types of Candy Edibles?

The market selection of candy edibles is ever-expanding, with new arrivals coming on the scene regularly. You can expect to find a great variety of candy edibles to choose from, with one of the most popular being the classic hard candy lozenge. Gum and lollipops are also common forms, and cannabis-infused gummy candies are a favorite for many customers.

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