About Our MMJ Baked Products

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Although smoking has typically been considered the most common way to ingest cannabis, several other forms are growing in popularity. Bakery edibles are quickly becoming a favorite for patients who utilize medical marijuana, for several different reasons.
Here’s everything you want to know about edibles:

What are Baked Edibles?

Baked edibles include any baked good made with or infused with cannabis. Typically, cannabis-infused butter or oil is utilized to create the edible. The best-known edibles of the baked kind are cannabis brownies, though the market is quickly expanding to include cookies and other baked goods.

What are the Benefits of Edibles?

Edibles, namely the baked variety, have several benefits, including the following:

  • Convenience and enjoyment: Snacking on a tasty brownie or cookie is not only extremely enjoyable for most people, but it’s also something that does not take a lot of time. Edibles are great for on-the-go and are also a very discreet method for ingesting your daily dose of medical cannabis.
  • Improved effects: With edibles, the cannabis is absorbed through the digestive system, which typically intensifies the positive results. The way the liver processes the THC in edibles increases its potential for sedative effects.

How do Edibles Compare to Smoking or Concentrates?

One of the most obvious differences between eating baked edibles to smoking cannabis or using cannabis concentrate is the ease of consumption. As you would imagine, eating a delicious brownie is much easier and quicker than smoking or utilizing concentrate, which is a major draw for many patients. It also eliminates the negative effects of smoke on your lungs, making it an excellent alternative for patients who either can’t inhale smoke or prefer not to.

How Long do the Effects of Edibles Last?

Because edibles introduce the cannabis to the body through the digestive tract, the effects typically last longer than those of smoking. Many patients also report more intense results, particularly those related to the feeling of full-body relaxation.

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If you have questions regarding edibles dosing, or you’re looking for high-quality, effective baked edibles in Scottsdale, Mesa or Peoria, Arizona Natural Selections should be your first and last stop. Our dispensary carries a wide range of baked edible products, sourced from brands we know and trust. Here, you won’t find cheaply-made or low-quality edibles. Instead, we hand-select a collection of cannabis-infused baked goods that will provide you with the full, natural benefits of cannabis. To learn more about how edibles can be an excellent addition to your medical cannabis treatment plan, contact Arizona Natural Selections today.