About Our MMJ Concentrate Products

At Arizona Natural Selections, our first and foremost goal has always been to provide our customers the best cannabis concentrates at fair, affordable prices. When you are looking for a trusted dispensary with a varied selection of premium-quality marijuana concentrates, Arizona Natural Selections should be your first stop. Our professional, knowledgeable staff can help you find your next favorite product, and ensure that you choose a concentrate that is the best fit for you.

We offer a wide selection of cannabis concentrate products to choose from. Our MMJ concentrates come in several forms, such as hash oil, crumble, rosin, shatter, and oil. Choosing our dispensary for your concentrate needs ensures you are able to find exactly what you’re looking for within your price range.

Hash Oil

In order to produce hash oil, an extraction process is used to extract the oil from the cannabis plant. It is often referred to as wax, and it ideal for using in vape pens, edibles, or incorporated into salves to apply directly to the skin.


Crumble is most often enjoyed by smoking, and is a very versatile form of cannabis concentrate.


A specific extraction process is utilized to produce shatter, one that does not use solvents. Many customers appreciate this all-natural product method, making rosin a top concentrate choice.


Hash is often directly smoked or incorporated into a variety of edibles, and can also be used for dabbing depending on the specific variety. It is a dry extraction, which makes it fairly simple to work with.

Why Our Patients Love Concentrates

Customers appreciate the many benefits of concentrates, most specifically the higher potency that is carried by the cannabis in these forms. This makes concentrates an excellent option for fast and effective symptom relief for a variety of conditions. Customers who are looking for relief from chronic pain often utilize cannabis concentrates in oil or salve form, allowing direct application to the skin. The versatility of concentrates means that customers can ingest them however they prefer and are not limited to just one or two methods. They are excellent for incorporating into homemade edibles and salves, or even for using in vape pens.

Tips for Buying & Enjoying Concentrates

To find a concentrate that you love, we invite you to talk to one of our experienced staff to learn more about the different forms. Together, you can discuss your specific needs and wants, ingestion preferences, and any likes or dislikes that may point you towards a specific type of concentrate. You can also read customer reviews to learn what fellow customers have to say about the different forms, or even to get ideas for how each type can be used. It is important to consider the CBD to THC ratio you are looking for, and think about how will prefer to use your concentrate. Do you want something you can use in a vape pen, something you can apply topically, or something to mix into your favorite homemade edible? Asking yourself these questions and taking the time to do a bit of research will ensure you get the most out of your chosen product.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates in Phoenix Today

If you are interested in learning more about concentrates, or purchasing your own, Arizona Natural Selections makes it easy. To buy marijuana concentrates online, simply place an online preorder, and then pick up at the nearest Arizona Natural Selections dispensary. Our team is always more than happy to help customers find the perfect product to fit specific needs or lifestyles, so contact us with any questions you may have.

For convenient pickup at your nearest Arizona Natural Selections dispensary, either in Tempe or Scottsdale, place an online pre-order with us today.