What is Concentrated Cannabis?

What is Concentrated Cannabis?

Cannabis concentrates are becoming increasingly popular here in Arizona. Concentrates offer a wide variety of consumption methods that many medical marijuana patients prefer over smoking flower. Plus, they provide larger doses of THC and CBD in smaller packages.

Many people “graduate” to concentrates after a period of time using more conventional methods or edibles. Concentrates don’t always replace other methods completely, but they can be a great adjunct to milder treatments to be used when the situation warrants.

What is Concentrated Cannabis?

Concentrates come in a wide variety of types, far more diverse than ordinary flowers, edibles or pre-rolls. The many different names generally emphasize the differences in consistency and texture, rather than potency, such as oil, shatter, wax, batter, crumble, sugar, sap and honeycomb. Different forms of concentrates are favored based on a patient’s preferred consistency and method of consumption.The overall experience that cannabis concentrates offer can vary tremendously by type.

The main purpose of concentrates is to provide a potent dosage of THC or CBD in a smaller package. This helps medical marijuana patients ensure they get high concentrations of cannabinoids within legal limits.

Likewise, some people simply find concentrates more enjoyable and satisfying.

What Makes Cannabis Concentrates Different?

Cannabis concentrates are ideal for patients who need significant daily help with chronic pain but can’t, or do not want, to smoke flower. Oils are also useful for those who prefer to spend very little time preparing their treatment. Finally, it works well for those who have found that lower potencies in more common forms of medicine do not meet their needs.

The process of consuming a concentrate is also different from other marijuana products. The most common form of administration is called dabbing, which involves applying the product to a titanium quartz dabbing tool, heated to a specific temperature, and inhaling it through a glass rig. Although this is very popular with experienced patients, it requires an investment in equipment and a bit of learning and practice.

For those who would like something simpler, ingestible oils are a great alternative. You may already know that oils can be used in mixtures or infusions for baking, as they commonly appear in edibles. Concentrated oils and edibles are beneficial because they can be ingested easily and have long-lasting effects.

Tinctures are a great middle ground between the powerful dabbing method and the subtler but long-lasting ingestible oils. They are placed beneath the tongue and enter bloodstream very rapidly. Tinctures can start to work within just minutes, but they usually don’t have the same kick as other concentrates do.

If you want to find the ideal concentrates for your situation, you can always test out each of these options and see which one you enjoy most.

What Kinds of Concentrates Can I Find for Sale?

Although the specific form of the concentrate is less important than its chemical makeup, many patients have a specific form they like best. At Arizona Natural Selections, we carry the full gamut of products, including some unique and innovative choices:

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Honeycomb
  • Crumble
  • Cake batter
  • Live resin
  • Live resin shatter
  • Rosin
  • Bubble hash

At Arizona Natural Selections, shatter is the most common and one of the most popular. It has a distinctive translucent appearance and sheen that makes it an attractive first-time pick. Do keep in mind however, that shatter is a very potent form of medical marijuana, so it should be consumed by experienced patients only.

Shatter is widely considered to be one of the cleanest and purest types of cannabis extract. When shatter is exposed to higher levels of heat or moisture during the production process, it can form a more “runny” product that is commonly known as sap.

Wax – also called sugar, honey or crumble – is another widely sought after form of concentrate. It is a softer, opaque type of oil that has been crystallized through extended agitation. Softer forms are known colloquially as “budder,” while harder ones take on the moniker of crumble or sugar.

If you are looking for a type of concentrate you don’t see among our collection, simply ask us. We can point out great alternatives or work on getting you the type of concentrate you desire. We are constantly striving to get new and different types of concentrate in stock to make sure our patients’ needs are met.

Visit Arizona Natural Selections for High-Quality Cannabis Concentrates

If you’re wondering about the difference between shatter and wax, or if you simply want to know if concentrated cannabis is right for you, we invite you to visit one of our Arizona dispensaries. As a leading licensed dispensary, Arizona Natural Selections offers an ever-growing assortment of high-quality marijuana concentrates.

Our team also understands that getting involved with concentrates for the first time can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from and many different tools that can help. Whether you’re in Peoria or Scottsdale, our team will be there to advise you. Contact us today to learn more.