Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain: How Cannabis Can Help

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain: How Cannabis Can Help

If you’re interested in medical marijuana for chronic pain, you certainly aren’t alone. Millions of people around the United States use medical marijuana for nerve pain and other conditions. Marijuana for back pain is also becoming popular.

And if you are wondering “does marijuana help with pain,” the answer is a resounding yes! Now that various studies have revealed the effects of marijuana, it is clear that the use of cannabis for chronic pain is not just a trend – it is a legitimate treatment.

Pain is an Epidemic in Arizona and Beyond – Marijuana Can Help

According to research from Arizona Pain, nearly 40,000 women in Scottsdale alone suffer migraines, about 51,000 local residents have arthritis and just under 172,000 individuals have tension headaches. This represents only a fraction of locals with chronic pain.

Many conditions can cause chronic pain, including the majority of Arizona qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Cancer, HIV, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other disorders give rise to persistent, severe pain. Certain treatments also cause pain.

Medical marijuana has shown extraordinary benefits for patients struggling with pain. Cannabinoid compounds found in medical marijuana relieve pain, helping the body block chronic pain. Particularly, marijuana for nerve pain has been shown effective: multiple studies have centered on neuropathic pain, which is caused by direct damage to the nerves.

A systematic review of medical marijuana studies related to non-cancer pain also showed great results, with 15 of 18 trials yielding significant reduction in pain. Other positive results, such as sleep improvements, were seen in many cases. Side effects were very limited or non-existent.

Marijuana’s Effects May Help the Body Regulate Pain Signals

Marijuana may be uniquely valuable in the fight against pain thanks to its chemical structure. There is no need to worry about questions like “does marijuana help arthritis,” because the treatment interacts directly with the body’s pain-perceiving systems.

Just as the brain can receive pain signals from virtually anywhere in the body, it also has many specialized receptors that respond to cannabinoids – the key chemicals in cannabis. Introducing cannabinoids can alleviate acute and chronic pain by acting on the pain circuits – where similar chemicals called endocannabinoids are already produced naturally.

Although more research still needs to be done, some experts have suggested that the ongoing use of medical marijuana could increase the number of cannabinoid receptors, which would allow patients to more efficiently reduce pain signals and enjoy other positive effects.

If this truly the case, it would be invaluable for Arizona residents. According to recent Arizona Department of Health Services, 82 percent of medical marijuana cardholders in the state suffer from chronic pain.

Are You Suffering From Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is considered a qualifying condition under Arizona’s medical marijuana rules. If you don’t yet have a medical marijuana card, a physician can help you. As a cardholder, you’ll have access to high quality medical cannabis and be able to finally find relief from your pain.

If you already have an Arizona-approved medical marijuana card, we invite you to visit Arizona Natural Selections today. Our customer care specialists will help you identify the best strains and products for your chronic pain. To learn more, contact us.