Marijuana for Seizures: How Cannabis Can Help

Marijuana for Seizures: How Cannabis Can Help

Medical marijuana is growing in popularity in Arizona, and for good reason. It’s helping to improve the quality of life for people suffering from some conditions that prescription drugs don’t help or lead to other side effects that users don’t want.

One of the primary reasons for considering medical marijuana and CBD oils is to prevent seizures. It’s already a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana card in Arizona – and many card holders already use medical marijuana for this very reason. According to AZDHS, approximately 1,000 MMJ patients in Arizona use medical marijuana to help combat seizures.

What Causes Seizures?

Seizures are a serious and common issue throughout America. Among the causes of seizures, epilepsy is one of the more severe and widespread, with roughly 3.5 million adults and children suffering from the brain disorder. Head injuries, concussions and certain diseases that lead to an imbalance of your body’s and brain’s chemicals can also cause seizures.

How Does Cannabis Prevent Seizures?

Most people who suffer from seizures want to understand exactly how marijuana prevents seizures. Researchers and scientists are still searching to find out how CBD oils work to help patients fight seizures, and the process is made harder by nature of marijuana still being listed as a Schedule I Drug by the DEA.

Some of the evidence is anecdotal. However, the case of Charlotte Figi in 2013 acted as a springboard to get the discussion started after medical marijuana helped ease the incessant seizures she dealt with. These seizures were a result of Dravet Syndrome, a variation of epilepsy that is very difficult to treat with prescription drugs. Charlotte’s case provides us with significant reason to believe that medical marijuana for children with seizures is a viable possibility.

Studying Medical Marijuana and Seizures

Over the years, various studies have been conducted to verify whether or not marijuana can prevent seizures. In one such study, a double blind experiment was conducted with one group receiving a placebo while the test group received a CDB compound. While both groups reported improved results, the difference in the placebo group was statistically insignificant and could be left to normal variation. The experimental group, however, saw a large decrease in seizure activity, on average cutting seizures by more than half.

This study focused on children suffering from Davet Syndrome, and while some users did experience some of the adverse effects of medical marijuana, such as sleepiness and fatigue, more than 100 of the 120 families agreed to continue use after the trial had ended.

Another study, while uncontrolled, was promising in its numbers of patients that saw improvement in how often and how severe the seizures that occurred were. A 272-patient study done by Dustin Sulak, Russell Saneto and Bonni Goldstein yielded results where 86 percent of the patients reported a “degree of seizure reduction.”Also promising, 26 of the patients said they had no seizures at all while using medical marijuana.

An interesting note from their study mentioned how other cannabinoids being present showed improved results. The presence of certain terpenes, specifically linalool, resulted in a better response. The idea of an “entourage effect” in medical marijuana has been explored, as well as the effects that terpenes have as a medication supplement.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in Phoenix

Medical marijuana may not be the first option for treating seizures, but for many it’s a proven method to help ease a debilitating illness. If pain medications are not a preferred or viable option for you, our team at Arizona Natural Selections encourages you to consider cannabis for treating seizures.

Medical marijuana can provide you with many other benefits beyond seizure prevention as well. Visit our dispensary in Mesa, Peoria, or Scottsdale to learn more about how cannabis can positively impact your life.