How Do You Smoke Dabs?

How Do You Smoke Dabs?

Dabbing is getting popular among medical marijuana patients in Arizona. You can find it at dispensaries like Arizona Natural Selections. It isn’t very well know, so if you’re unfamiliar with what it is and how it’s consumed, continue reading.

What is a Dab?

A dab is a piece of cannabis concentrate that vaporizes on a hot surface in a piece of dabbing equipment, and is then inhaled.

Dabbing 101:

Many people swear by dabs, yet some have not heard of it. Dabbing tends to be more complex and far more potent than conventional smoking or edibles, but for the experienced patient with a little practice, it becomes easy and very enjoyable.

Step 1: Get The Proper Dabbing Equipment

If you’re wondering what to smoke dabs out of, it all starts with what is known as a called a rig. This is a water pipe with a specialized metal piece called a nail (different from a carpenter’s nail and a roofing nail) that replaces the glass bowl.

In addition to the rig and nail, the process of dabbing requires cannabis concentrate, which is typically a type of wax. You can purchase this from most Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries, and many will have a variety of wax options available to you.

When smoking dabs, you will also need a dabber. A dabber is a specialized type of scalpel that you can use to pick off a small piece of the concentrate. Finally, you will need a blowtorch in order to heat the nail and wax. We suggest using a butane blow torch, as it will burn cleaner.

Step 2: Heat The Nail

Once you have all the necessary dab equipment, turn on the blowtorch and heat the nail on the rig. Because of the composition of the nail, you can heat it up to 500 degrees without causing any cracking or other problems. It only takes a few seconds for the nail to reach the required temperature. Be very careful not to get burned.

High temperature dabbing is done around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and creates less waste. The concentrate will also melt faster, regardless of consistency, which can be convenient. Low temperature dabbing is done between 500-600 degrees and typically offers a fuller flavor.

Step 3: Use The Dabber

Use the dabber to pick up a small amount of wax, no larger than a grain of rice to start. It may take some dexterity to get the wax on the dabber, so just remember to be patient and take your time. Remember that you only need a small pinch of the concentrate for an effective hit.

Step 4: Dropping

Carefully drop the concentrate onto the hot nail. When the concentrate settles onto the nail and melts, inhale the smoke that builds up in the rig. Remember, dabbing can lead to more powerful effects much faster than conventional smoking, so you should start with a single inhale.

Step 5: Relax

In some ways, dabbing is like learning about medical marijuana all over again. The effects come on fast and may be very potent, even with familiar wax products. That being the case, you should put aside some time to relax and see if the results are right for you.

Buy Your Medical Marijuana at Arizona Natural Selections

If you’re curious how to smoke dabs without a rig, be careful: “DIY” rigs can carry higher risk of injury or provide an unexpected consumption experience. For those looking for greater convenience, an electric nail dab can be heated very precisely.

If you want to try dabbing, explore Arizona Natural Selections’ wax cannabis products at our Peoria, Mesa, or Scottsdale dispensary. You can even preorder online. For other inquiries, contact us.