ANS 1:1 Medical Marijuana Strain Profile

ANS 1:1 Medical Marijuana Strain Profile

This Arizona Natural Selection’s in-house creation is one of our proudest achievements. Our Cultivation Team spent an extensive amount of time fine tuning this strain to create a well balanced ratio of CBD:THC. The strain’s sweet, earthy, and fruity profile is unlike any other high CBD strain. ANS 1:1 is perfect for patient’s with high levels of anxiety in search of pain relief without heavy psychoactive effects.

You can pre-order ANS 1:1 marijuana online at either of our locations – Peoria or Scottsdale.

About ANS 1:1 Cannabis Strain

Though this is a unique medical marijuana strain found at our locations only, there are some characteristics that can be compared to other 1:1 strains on the market.

Effects of ANS 1:1 Marijuana

One of the reasons our patients love this strain so much is because they don’t feel a loss of focus. In fact, focus is reportedly improved by many who use ANS 1:1 strain. You may feel more hungry and relaxed when under the influence of 1:1 marijuana than other medical strains. Users also report that creativity and energy increase too.

AZ Natural Selections - ANS 1:1 Strain Marijuana Effects

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Medical Benefits of ANS 1:1 Marijuana

People who use ANS 1:1 have fewer muscle spasms and suggest that it works well for reducing pain and stress. Also, this strain of cannabis is known to help patients with treating insomnia and lack of appetite.

AZ Natural Selections - ANS 1:1 Strain Marijuana Medical

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