5 Ways Terpenes Can Improve Your Everyday Life

5 Ways Terpenes Can Improve Your Everyday Life

As medical marijuana grows in popularity, our understanding of the different parts of the plant grows as well. CBD oils and other ingestion methods are becoming hugely popular, for instance, but another part of medical marijuana that is garnering more attention are cannabis terpenes.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are mainly known for giving each medical marijuana strain its distinct aroma, but they have many other impressive qualities beyond this. In nature, they also work to keep insects and animals away, which ultimately protects the plant and even fights off fungus in some cases. When ingested, medical marijuana terpenes may also lead to other health benefits, making terpenes more and more popular as we come to further understand what they can do for us.

But what about terpenes’ medical benefits for MMJ patients? Let’s review a few functions of terpenes that reveal how these essential oils can help improve everyday life.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Treatment

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Many MMJ patients use medical marijuana as an anti-inflammatory to help alleviate pain. One of the reasons why medical marijuana is such an effective anti-inflammatory is due to terpenes. Myrcene is an example of a terpene that functions as an anti-inflammatory, but others in this grouping include delta 3-carene and alpha pinene.

Many of these terpenes double as anti-bacterial aids as well, and myrcene is shown to be very effective in that regard. Others, such as humulene, are also effective antibacterial terpenes.

Weight Loss

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Contrary to popular belief, some medical marijuana strains can actually help with weight loss. The best strains for weight loss typically contain limonene, which is a popular terpene that functions as a fat burner. Limonene, like its name might suggest, is common in lemony scented strains and may also carry benefits such as cancer prevention and treatment.


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If you are trying to clean up your body’s toxins, terpenes are an incredible resource to leverage. Terpineol is a prime example of a terpene that functions as an anti-oxidant, though it’s a slightly rarer terpene that is typically found in Jack variety strains.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment

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When used properly, medical marijuana can be effective in helping with anxiety, and terpenes may play a part in that as well. Linalool is a terpene that may relieve anxiety, but its sedative properties do not make it ideal for treating depression. One of the best terpenes for treating depression is beta caryophyllene, which is a very common terpene found in cannabis.

Sleep Aid

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Indica strains are known to help induce sleep, but some terpenes can help bring about a good night’s sleep as well. For example, the terpene myrcene may be used as a calming sedative, while they could also provide many other medical benefits such as pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Much is still to be learned about the functions of terpenes, but they have been part of our culture for a long time. In fact, they are often used in uses apart from medical marijuana, such as aromatherapy. However, their most effective use might be as a component of medical marijuana, as studies have shown that cannabinoids and terpenes work best in conjunction with each other in the “entourage effect.” Regardless, terpenes may have many beneficial functions that are being explored to further improve their effectiveness.

The Benefits Don’t Stop Here

To learn more about the potential benefits of terpenes and to understand how medical marijuana can improve your everyday life, visit Arizona Natural Selections in Scottsdale, Mesa, or Peoria. We would love to help you discover what strains and terpenes are ideal for your particular needs.

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