What Does 420-Friendly Mean?

What Does 420-Friendly Mean?

Whether you’re a brand-new member of the cannabis culture or you’ve been a part of the community for a long time, the odds are that you’ve heard the term “four-twenty.” There are plenty of legends and myths about 420 floating around in popular culture, and the term has evolved far beyond its early origins. If you’re interested in learning more about 420, its early beginnings and its modern-day meaning, we’ve put together a few simple basics.

Understanding What 420 Means

420 is used in more than one way. Here are the most common scenarios where people say 420.

Where Does 420 Come From?

420 has many origin stories, and it’s difficult to tell which one is the real deal. However, the cannabis community often agrees that the term can be traced back to a group of teenage boys in the 1970s, with a love for music and cannabis, who made it a tradition to meet at 4:20 pm every day after school to enjoy a joint together. They would use 420 as a secret code of sorts. They had personal connections with members of the Grateful Dead, who adopted the term and helped to take it to the masses.

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What Does 420 Mean Today?

Today, 420 is still generally associated with cannabis culture, most commonly as an unofficial cannabis “holiday,” April 20th. The original meaning of 420 had nothing to do with the idea of a widespread holiday, but the numbers simply translated well. Today, many people who enjoy cannabis share it as a fun day to get together and share their favorite cannabis products.

What Does “420 Friendly” Mean on Social Media, Dating Apps, and Other Popular Sites?

You may have seen the phrase “420 Friendly” used across dating apps and social platforms like Craigslist. It references a tolerant attitude towards cannabis use. For example, if you see an apartment listed as 420 Friendly, then you can expect that your roommates won’t have a problem with – and may even share in – your cannabis use.

How Can I Learn More about 420 and the Cannabis Culture?

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