Arizona Opioid Manufacturer Against Prop 203 Found Guilty Of Fraud

Insys Pharmaceuticalsa local Arizona company that manufacturers a deadly spray form of the opioid fentanyl is now in the hot seat after being found guilty of fraud. The company is being accused of using deceptive practices such as lying to insurers, hiding facts from medical professionals and patients as well as bribing doctors to write prescriptions for the use of the deadly drug. Insys donated half a million dollars last year to the Anti-Marijuana Campaign that fought against Proposition 203. The bill would have granted recreational use of cannabis in the state.

As the opioid crisis shakes the United States to it’s core. Many people attribute the increases in overdoses to the chemical fentanyl  which is 100 times more potent than morphine and far more potent than the street drug heroin. Heroin users often have no idea if the the drug they are taking is cut with fentanyl, they might inadvertently consume a deadly dose. Last year 790 Arizonans died from opioid overdoes, a 74% surge in deaths from 2012. In response to the opioid epidemic public health officials have been trying to raise awareness of over prescribing of pain medication.

Our founder, JP Holyoak, states in his AZ Central op-ed “Cannabis is an all to real alternative to prescription pain killers. Cannabis is relatively safe, inexpensive and can be grown by anyone. Cannabis has far fewer associated risks and lower addiction profile than opioids (or alcohol). This is a threat to the profitability of opioid companies like Insys. Let’s face the facts. There are many people with real chronic pain issues. Opioids have created an epidemic of addiction. If we are going to have an honest conversation about ending this opioid crisis, we have to look at all available pain management alternatives — including cannabis.”

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