DEA Approves Marijuana Study for PTSD in Arizona

DEA Approves Marijuana Study for PTSD in Arizona

After facing years of challenges and roadblocks, Dr. Suse Sisley and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) have received approval from the DEA to study the effects of medical cannabis on Veterans suffering from PTSD. This green light from the DEA marks a historical milestone. According to MAPS it is, “the first time a clinical trial intended to develop botanical marijuana into a legal prescription drug has received full approval from U.S. regulatory agencies.” Development of the June study is heading at a fast pace with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment delivering $2.156 million in funding this Wednesday 4/20. Seventy-six U.S. military veterans will be split into two groups and studied in Phoenix, Arizona and Baltimore, Maryland. All cannabis used in these studies will be grown and supplies by the federal government.

The goal of Dr. Sisley and the MAPS study will be to understand if cannabis is beneficial for the treatment of PTSD and whether or not specific strains of cannabis work better than others.

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