Cannabis Product Testing: What Does It Mean?

Cannabis Product Testing: What Does It Mean?

As medical cannabis becomes an increasingly popular option for patients seeking effective alternative treatment options, it’s only natural that many people are raising questions about the safety and quality of dispensary-provided cannabis. From the growing and harvesting process to every step of manufacturing, everyone agrees that safety and proper procedures are critical.

When you purchase a manufacturer-produced medication, food, or drink, you likely assume that there has been extensive testing conducted to ensure that it is safe for you to consume. Government agencies are charged with regulating companies’ production procedures for nearly everything that can be consumed by humans, as well as conducting regular testing and inspections to confirm safety.

With all of these policies and procedures in place for everyday foods, drinks, and medicines, many people wonder what’s being done to protect consumers of medical cannabis and cannabis-infused products. At Arizona Natural Selections, our customers’ health and safety is our first priority, which is why we take steps to consistently confirm the safety and quality of our cannabis products. We understand that not only could impure cannabis be detrimental to our patients but could also cause harm to the blossoming potential of the cannabis industry. As a result, we take our cannabis product testing process very seriously.

How Does Arizona Natural Selections Conduct Cannabis Product Testing?

When we conduct cannabis product testing, we guarantee accurate results by following an extremely strict procedure that prevents contamination and inconclusive results. Samples are carefully packaged in our AZDHS-approved facility, then sent directly to the testing environment. By avoiding the transfer of samples, we are able to prevent the unintentional introduction of bacteria or microbes that could affect the results.

The process for packaging and transporting the cannabis to be tested is actually the same procedure followed for all cannabis products for our customers as well. As a result, the cannabis that our customers receive has been handled with the same extreme care as test samples – thus preventing contamination.

What Do the Results of Cannabis Product Testing Mean?

Cannabis product testing generally measures a series of different factors, all of which contribute to the overall health and efficacy of the sample: Plant microorganisms or microbials are some of the major elements that product testing detects. The results of this part of the testing can tell us more about the plant health, though it’s important to know that plant microorganisms are not the same as human health pathogens. In fact, many plant microorganisms are actually very common in nature and highly beneficial to the plant, supporting it in a symbiotic relationship.

Mold or spores are also tested for to ensure that levels fit within Government guidelines to ensure healthy products for our patients.

What are the Issues with the Results from Private Tests?

Although Arizona Natural Selections conducts stringent testing, there are many outside sources that unsuccessfully attempt their own form of testing – and these tests often produce confusing results. One of the biggest issues with the results from many forms of privately-conducted testing is the lack of scientifically-approved procedures, while can often have a dramatic effect on the accuracy of the results.

For example, if cannabis samples are not correctly transported or collected, there is a high risk of contamination. This contamination would directly skew the test results and render the entire test null. Another issue can be with the structure of the test results themselves. If the results fail to distinguish between beneficial and harmful microorganisms, then consumers can often become extremely confused and misled.

Learn More About Cannabis Product Testing from Arizona Natural Selections

At Arizona Natural Selections, we strive to maintain transparency when it comes to our cannabis testing procedures. If you have questions about what we’re doing to ensure that your cannabis products are safe and properly handled, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our testing policies and procedures.