ANS 1:1 Showcased in Dope Magazine

ANS 1:1 Showcased in Dope Magazine

We’re excited to announce that our very own ANS 1:1 strain has been spotlighted in Dope Magazine’s online strain review! Dope Arizona’s author Amy Donohue wrote,

“For patients who are looking for a high-CBD strain without the head high, ANS CBD 1:1 is for you. As a 60/40 Sativa-dominant hybrid,  my mind was alert and the calming body effect was pervasive. The high CBD makes this strain a great choice for those with anxiety,  pain, and inflammation, as it instantly provided an all-encompassing relaxation for me. Definitely appropriate for daytime use, with a  sweet and fruity taste.”

Dope (Defending Our Plant Everywhere) is a nationally published magazine that has recently grown roots in Arizona. Keep an eye out for monthly issues around town as the Arizona edition develops.

To see the full review follow this link:

Review: ANS 1:1