Cannabis Tinctures The Complete Guide

Cannabis Tinctures The Complete Guide

Use of Tinctures for Optimal Wellness 

For a simple, easy way to utilize cannabinoids, tinctures can be an ideal option. These are made by rendering cannabis into liquid form, such as hemp or grapeseed oil. The resulting solution offers you the ability to benefit from all that cannabis has to offer without having to breathe in any vapor or smoke.

In the years pre-dating the prohibition of cannabis, tinctures were routinely used for the consumption of cannabis, and there are many reasons why this was the case. Continue reading to understand the positive qualities of tinctures and how to use them.

Reasons to Consider Tinctures

Tinctures are perfect in terms of their ease of use, because you will never need to tote around any buds or flower. Rather, tinctures can be transported in small, odorless bottles that are easily stored.

Consumption of cannabis with tinctures is much tidier than other modes of use. Tinctures, as well as edibles, may offer a cleaner method of using cannabis.

Another attractive feature of tinctures is the fact that they facilitate easy and accurate cannabinoid dosing. Smoking or vaping produces indeterminate amounts of cannabinoid consumption, while tinctures may be precisely measured with a marked dropper that comes with every bottle.

Proper Tincture Use

Because of the dropper and bottle involved, tincture use may require very little explanation. However, what many may not be aware of is that cannabis tinctures can actually be used in multiple ways, including orally, sublingually, and within liquids or food items.

In order to use a tincture sublingually, just load the dropper with the preferred dosage and squirt it beneath the tongue. Be certain to allow the extract to sit in place for anywhere between 60 and 180 seconds. Then, you are free to swish the liquid through the mouth prior to swallowing. Direct absorption in this manner allows the cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream quickly and take rapid effect. Sublingual use of a tincture tends to produce noticeable impact within 30 minutes or so, and the results can last for up to three hours.

Swallowing of tinctures is also an option, though when taken in this way, cannabinoids take a bit longer to have an effect. The timeline is comparable to that found in edibles. By swallowing a tincture, the effects will begin to manifest within an hour or two, but will last for up to six hours.

Finally, it is also possible for enthusiasts to add tinctures to liquids and foods as a means to disguise their flavor of the tinctures. Many people have found that they enjoy using them with tea, coffee, and other beverages as well as with foods such as yogurt. The effects timeline is similar to that which is experienced with edible products.

Getting the Ratio Right

Tinctures can vary, sometimes significantly, and it is easy to customize them to feature cannabinoids in different ratios. Rather than only THC or CBD, there are tinctures that offer distinct combinations of both. If a single element is insufficient to address your needs, consider a blend of both.

The realm of tinctures really is more expansive than many realize, and if you are interested in learning more about alternative methods of cannabinoid consumption, take a look at what we have to offer. Our online dispensary menus range is certain to provide you with the expansive options necessary to obtain the best possible experience sow check out our Mesa dispensary, Peoria dispensary or our Scottsdale dispensary today.