Introducing Arizona Natural Selections Grower’s Choice Flower

What is Grower’s Choice Flower?
Grower’s Choice flower is a new level of Arizona Natural Selections’ quality craft cannabis. It is cultivated with the intent to provide patients with ultra premium medicine released in very limited quantities.

Choosing a Grower’s Choice Batch

Grower’s Choice flower is chosen directly by our master grower. Each batch possesses impeccable features and surpassed expectations throughout the growing process. Typically it is a brand new strain that has never been seen in our store before.

Some of the specific traits we examine in the growing process include:

  • Aroma: The strain’s scent is overpowering.
  • Structure of the buds: Dense frosty buds are a must.
  • Overall health of the plant: The strain has shown optimal health during its life cycle resulting in a highly potent and tasty specimen.

Following harvest, these strains will be cured in optimal conditions by our well-trained team. They are then hand trimmed leaving only the most well-manicured flower. Once the strain is ready, it will be tested in a lab and critiqued by our patient assistants.

The traits we are looking for in this phase includes:

  • THC percentage: The strain will have a high THC percentage to ensure optimal potency.
  • Terpene profile: A strong terpene profile will emulate its distinct aroma and taste.
  • Taste and effects: Our patient assistants will consume the strain and report on taste, potency and effects.

If there is a situation where testing results are not optimal, or our teams overall consensus of a strain is not exceptional, that batch will not proceed to become Grower’s Choice.

The Grower’s Choice Package
This exceptional flower only comes in eighths, packaged in an airtight glass collectible jar with a Boveda pack to maintain optimal humidity. The unique jar includes a quote from our Master Grower describing why he deemed this batch worthy of being Grower’s Choice.

How often will we have Grower’s Choice?
Due to the rarity of a strain meeting our Grower’s Choice strict criteria, these batches will not come out on a regular basis. There may be more than one batch in a month, or none at all. It is all determined by whether or not we have an end product that our master grower and dispensary team deems worthy of being Grower’s Choice.

Release Details
No more than 100 jars will be sold at each location per batch.

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