The AZ Natural Selections Cannabis Consultant Program is a unique patient education program that sets us apart from any other medical marijuana dispensary Scottsdale or Peoria has to offer. The program provides customers with free one-on-one counseling with a cannabis consultant, who can answer your cannabis-related questions.

Meet the AZ Natural Selections Cannabis Consultant

Lisa is our professional cannabis consultant, combining her personal passion for the health benefits of cannabis with extensive knowledge and education to serve a variety of customers’ needs. She has been a dedicated advocate for cannabis since the 1980s, focused on helping to educate people about the healing properties of cannabis.

In 2010, Lisa received her cannabis certification from one of the nation’s first cannabis colleges, Oaksterdam. There, she studied extensively to become an expert on proper dosing, safety, and cannabis-based edibles. Today, she combines that knowledge with her passion for helping patients and extensive research to be a useful resource for our customers.

What does the Cannabis Consultation Process Look Like?

The cannabis consultation process is a one-on-one meeting in which you and Lisa will discuss your specific health challenges, your symptoms, and what your hopes are for symptom relief. Lisa can help you understand the goals and expectations of medical marijuana, as well as match you with the products and dosage that best fits your needs. In addition, if you have not yet applied for a medical marijuana card, Lisa can walk you through the process.

After your appointment, you can always follow-up with any questions about the cannabis products you are using. If you’re a non-patient, Lisa will meet with you in the lobby of our facility.

The hours of consultation services are as follows:

  • Cannabis consulting (Peoria location):
    Monday and Tuesday, 9am-5pm
  • Cannabis consulting (Scottsdale location):
    Thursday and Friday, 8am-4pm

What are the Benefits of the AZ Natural Selections Cannabis Consultant Program?

Gaining important knowledge about cannabis and the products that can help you is one of the program’s many benefits. Learning more about cannabis can help remove the mystery around it as a treatment option, help you find a dosage that works for you (including one without the psychoactive effects), and provide you with a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Take your health back into your hands, listen to your body, and maximize your quality of life with AZ Natural Selections.

Why Choose AZ Natural Selections for Cannabis Consultation?

Unlike any other medical marijuana dispensary Peoria has to offer, AZNS has created a cannabis consultation program that’s focused on our patients’ needs. You’ll never be rushed through the meeting, ensuring that you have enough one-one-one time with the consultant to answer all your questions. You can contact Lisa during business hours with any questions you may have and are welcome to bring a family member to the consultation for support.

To learn more about AZ Natural Selections and our cannabis consultation program, we invite you to contact us today.